Do you believe in everything that you hear? Do you really think what our elders say is always true? Have you ever confirmed their myths to be true in real sense?

Everyday you might get some nutritional advice from your family, friends, relatives, or media. But are those advices relevant? Or maybe they are just passed from someone to you without any context to it. In my experience, you should be critical of all the information and research the topic if you really want to get to the truth.

MYTH #1: Kids should not be given too much of eggs.

FACT: Eggs contain nutrients required for the growth of children.

kids eating eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and many other nutrients. Eggs contain 14 different nutrients that are essential for your body like vitamin A, D, E, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B12 etc. About the yolk, do not skip the yolk for children as it contains half the proteins and many essential nutrients. However, adults can have this yolk but in limited or required quantities.

MYTH #2:  As long as I skip a meal, I can eat whatever I want at my next meal.

FACT:  It’s never a good idea to skip a meal.

skip a meal

Skipping meals won’t make up for eating unhealthy foods, or eating too much, the next time you eat. It’s important to eat three normal-sized and healthy meals a day, and even a few snacks in between, so your body has energy when it needs it.

MYTH #3: As I am not overweight, I shouldn’t be concerned about my eating habits.

FACT: Your eating habits reflects your health and body. Underweight people can also develop diseases in future.

If you want your body to be healthy, underweight or overweight, stay away from junk foods. Improve your eating habits now, because if you develop poor eating habits from now, you could have a lot of problems with your weight and health in the years to come

MYTH #4: Using microwaves are not good for your health.

FACT: Microwave’s are perfectly safe to use and doesn’t destroy any nutrients.

microwaves are safe

It is the cooking process, whether it is microwave or stovetop that affects the nutrients in food. Microwaves work by using certain radiations to cook food. However, these radiations are thousand times smaller than would be needed to produce a negative effect.

MYTH #5: If I want healthy bones, I must consume dairy products.

FACT: you can live a perfectly healthy life with strong bones even without milk.

dairy products

The dairy products especially milk are so much hyped for calcium, that, whenever we think of calcium, we think milk. But this is not right. Milk contains calcium, but so does other food ingredients. Calcium is found in many leafy vegetables in higher amounts than milk. You can live a perfectly healthy life even without milk (in case you are allergic to milk or dislike milk).

MYTH #6: You need to detoxify your body regularly.

FACT: You don’t need to (nor can you) cleanse or detoxify your body with juicing or any other method. Your body takes care this without any help from you.


Humans have organs like liver and kidneys for detoxification. All the toxins that enter your body are handled by your liver, kidneys, lungs, colon and even skin. Fruit and vegetables juices are just a hype. In fact, without the fibers, these juices contain more of sugar, which is harmful instead of healthy.

MYTH #7: Brown eggs are more nutritious than white eggs.

FACT: All the eggs have same nutritional value.

brown nad white eggs

Colour of the eggs indicate only the colour of the bird that it came from. The only real difference between brown and white eggs that you might know as a matter of fact is that brown eggs are more expensive than the white ones. Their nutritional profile, quality and taste are all the same.

MYTH #8: Eating 6 meals a day helps to lose weight and increase your metabolic rate.

FACT: The total amount of calories that you take whole day determines your metabolic rate and helps in weight management.

6 meals

Eating 6 meals a day is written everywhere, however scientists have now found this to be just a myth. It is now found that having 6 meals of 350-400 calories each will give you the same response as eating 3 meals with 700-800 calories. Hence it is the total calories that is important rather than number of meals.

MYTH #9: Dark bread is better than white bread.

FACT: Look for the ingredients and not the colour of the bread.

dark bread and white bread

If the bread is dark coloured, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s made of whole grains, it may also be due to caramel, making it even more unhealthy. Hence you should look for words in ingredients like whole grains, or 100% whole wheat.

MYTH #10: Eating fats makes you fat.

 FACT: there is no reason in thinking that fat is uniquely fattening. Fat is an essential macronutrient and eating healthy fats is very important to living a healthy life.

Fat contains more calories than carbohydrates and proteins, doesn’t mean it make you fat. It is the calorie count that matters. There are many fat soluble vitamins that require fats in your body. Also there is no such evidence relating fats with weight gain mechanism.  Hence consuming fats doesn’t make you fat, you should eat right amounts of fats.

MYTH #11: Highly processed vegetable oils are healthy

FACT: Highly processed vegetable oils contain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids which are harmful for body.

vegetable oils

There is a trend everywhere of using highly processed oils for cooking claiming it to be healthier. But it is the other way round. So better stay away from these processed oils.

MYTH #12: Fruit juices are healthy.

FACT: It is better to eat than to drink fruit juice.

fruit juice

If god has given you teeth to chew fruits than why to drink juice. Fruit juices are only the sugar that the fruit contains without the fibre. You may drink small amounts of juice sometimes but having it regularly instead of fruits is a bad idea.


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