1 cup Ragi (Nachni)

1 spoon Til (white sesame seeds)

1/2 Onion

1 small Carrot

½ Tomato

2 spoons Curd

Coriander leaves

Ginger-Garlic paste

Salt to taste



Soak Ragi for 2-3 hours. Grind the soaked ragi into thick paste to make batter. Add curd to the batter and mix well. Also add ginger garlic paste and salt to it and mix well.

Now, wash carrot and tomatoes. Chop them into fine pieces. Also chop onions into fine pieces. Mix all the three vegetables and add finely chopped coriander to it. Also add til to dese chopped vegetables.

Now heat the pan and grease it with little oil. Spread the batter on the pan to make pancakes. Put chopped vegetables mixture on top of the pancake. Cook till it becomes soft. Serve hot with coriander chutney.nachni pancake


  • Ragi is a calcium rich ingredient. Adding ragi to your diet helps to meet your calcium requirements.
  • Ragi is also a good source of iron, hence helps in case of anaemia or any blood related disorders.
  • Compared to other cereals, ragi has low fat content and hence can be substituted for wheat or rice to reduce weight.
  • It has high fibre, thus aids in digestion.
  • Ragi is also recommended for lactating mothers as it boosts lactation.





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